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Your DMscore measures the success of your online marketing.

What is DMscore?

DMscore stands for Digital Marketing Score. Your Digital Marketing Score measures the effectiveness of your online presence compared to other firms in your region.

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How is my DMscore calculated?

We review search engines and directories such as Google, Avvo, Yelp, and your website, to determine how well your firm is represented online.

In your dashboard you can view all components that make up your score and determine which need improvement.

For example, your website scored highest in the Directories category.

Organic search
These are the top-ranking firms
in your region

Your website ranked #44 out of 1091 law firms

Top 5 Personal Injury Firms in Los Angeles County, California (out of 1091)

Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc.
GJEL Accident Attorneys
The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus
Wilshire Law Firm
The Dominguez Firm

What is the local ranking?

We monitor and analyse the websites of competing firms in your county and we generate scores for each. DMscore not only ranks your competition, it allows you to monitor and track your performance versus them.

DMscore allows you to monitor and track your performance versus your competitors.

Which competitors do you want to monitor?

You can manually add the competitors you want to follow and get notified on changes on their digital marketing performance.

    Weekly progress

    • Missing links from important legal directories

      Increase your DMscore by up to 10 points.

      Will improve your score in

    What more does DMscore have to offer?

    Once you create your free DMscore account and gain access to your dashboard, we provide several useful information about your digital marketing performance.

    Track your progress

    You will be able to see a detailed progress analysis, based on all the data we gather every two weeks.

    Tailored suggestions

    Based on our analysis and your progress, we create tailored improvements and instructions, that will help you raise your score and get more leads online.

    Stay on top with notifications

    You can receive weekly notifications, with updates on your DMscore and the progress of your competitors.